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We spent Monday morning when traffic is not busy to visit the Visitor's Center. With a wealth of information, we explored the downtown area and where all the parking lots are. There is also a bus that you could ride into town for $1.50 all day...so things are looking good with getting around.

Even though it has been cool here the past few days, it is a welcoming change from the unusual hot weather Florida is having this winter. We would rather be here than in the Everglades where the mosquitoes run rapid with the heat and no wind. There's much to do here including walking across the Lion Bridge which is on my bucket list. It has been especially fun having Sue and Ron here. On the first day, after setting up camp, we all went to Hurricane Patty's exchanging camping stories over cocktail hour. We all love Irish music and when we went to Meehan's Irish Pub the next night, it was a blast. Ron (being Polish) was hooting and howling after each song. I think the band appreciated the enthusiasm and that's why they gave us free CD's.

Windy day walk on Lion's Bridge
One of our favorite things to do every evening before we retire for the night is to walk on the Boardwalk to the beach. The sea is dark except for the white breaking waves as it crashes to shore. As you inhale the salt air, you feel so small in such a vast ocean. The beach looks like snow with sage brush. In the distance, you could see the lighthouse shining it's light onto the water. It looks so lonely. There's supposed to be a little girl who fell to her death from the top of the stairs. Her spirit was captured by the ghost hunters in a TV series.

The Boardwalk going to the beach
Signs everywhere asking people not to trample on the sand dunes
We did miss our nightly walk on the Boardwalk to the beach on Tuesday. We were invited over to Sue and Ron's camp for a cook out. I introduced them to Mary's camp 101 spaghetti dinner, which is cooked spaghetti with a jar of Prego poured over it. Sue did the salad and garlic bread. For $10 we were able to feed 4 people vs. $100 spent eating out. After dinner, Ron made a camp fire for us. Sue entertained us with her rendition of John's last entry of our blog about the St. Augustine traffic. We laughed so hard that it hurt. While eating dinner, we could hear Willie Nelson and Dwight Yokum performing at a concert in the outside amphitheater next to our park. So John and I decided to try to sneak over to the concert after leaving the party. We went on a sandy service road to get closer to the music, and strangely found quite a few people sitting in the dark enjoying the music even though you couldn't see anything but vegetation ahead. Some even had their dogs with them, but strangely enough they did not bark. Like their master, they seemed to be enjoying the music as well. It was surreal! John suggested if I can walk the Old Spanish Quarry path, we could get to the back of the amphitheater and at least see something. So, with our flashlight, we ventured into this creepy dark path about a mile long, not thinking what may jump out at us. When we got to the end, a security guard was waiting for us. He knew what we were up to and shook his head. Darn it! Just around the corner we would have been right next to the stage! So close and yet so far. But what an adventure it was! Well, tomorrow we will resume our nightly walk at the beach unless something else distracts us.

Nice camp fire
Sue and Ron's trailer

Let me add "JOHN'S STILTED VIEW"..During the spaghetti 🍝 extravaganza the girls kept talking about sneaking into the concert with Mary even wanting me to drive the truck down some forbidden 🚫 service road for rangers use only. To every objection I put out there Mary would say "No Guts, No Glory" like a parrot with one ☝️ too many cups of coffee ☕️. Being the great 👍 guy I am, off we went down the service road to end up closer but no cigar. Then it dawned on me to try the creepy "Old Spanish Quarry" trail ( cue the scary music 🎶) O.K. I'm not crazy 😜 about either performer but a ghost 👻 walk in a Spanish quarry from the sixteenth century which had lots of death 💀 and suffering in the dead of night is just the ticket for me tonight! Well it was dark alright but the mood was just not there with Willie's "You Were On My Mind" and "Momma Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys" bouncing off the quarry walls everywhere. No ghost 👻 or ghouls to be found just a security 🚨 guard at the end of a dark trail... which is o.k. because we had "guts but no glory". A great end to a wonderful day.

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